What Are The Things You Can Know About Captaincash?

Known to be one of the most prolific online cash loan companies, Captaincash, the Canada-based enterprise is happy to help borrowers with short-term instant cash. Before applying for the $500 Captaincash Loans that they allow to pay back in the next 90 days and sometimes more- know more about the brokerage company always dedicated to arranging funds for the borrowers.

Here certain things about the Captaincash are mentioned. Explore and know more about the facilities they offer to their clients—

Quick cash guaranteed

Applicants are ensured to receive the funds on the same day of application by Captaincash. The enterprise belongs to that group of online cash lenders ensuring zero hassle by pricking the applicants with fierce interrogation. With the help of Captaincash, many borrowers have enjoyed the instant loan approval and have received the funds within the next few hours of loan approval.


The brokerage company has already mentioned clearly about their criteria for loan applications.

  • You have to be 18+ and over
  • A Canadian citizenship is a must
  • Should have a monthly income of $1200 and more with proper proof
  • Should have a permanent job and employed for more than 3 months or more
  • An active Canadian bank account active for the past 3 months or more
  • Shouldn’t be on the brink of bankruptcy
  • Few or zero non-sufficient fund transactions
  • Should have no or low short-term debts or active payday loans

To know further, you can visit their website at https://captaincash.ca/how-does-it-work/.

100% paperless process

 There’s no use of paper when it comes to loan application at Captaincash. You have the provision to apply online from your tablet, desktop and mobile. With the facility of applying online, you can easily go for it 24/7 and even on the go as they ensure the provision of loan application from the mobile phone.

$500-700 fast online cash loan without any credit checking

Captaincash promises not to check your credit history while sanctioning the loan up to $500-$700. You don’t have to worry about the bad credit history at all. All you need is to present the valid documents.

Easy and low cost paybacks

Captaincash will give you the chance to pay back the loan in the next 90 days or 3 months. You can also extend or renew the loan if you wish. You need to have an account on the website for accessing the services.