How to Decide the Cost of Your Custom Packaging?

Do you know what are the various factors that affect your cost of customized shipping box? If you want to order any packaging company to deliver you such customized box, you must know how its costing is done so that you can negotiate with the supplier to get best deal for your custom package.

Therefore, before you ask how much the how much custom boxes cost you need to consider the following few factors.

  • What is the size and type of box you need

You need to decide whether you need a roomy box or a strong mailing box to deliver your item. Some of you may need lighter box that can be easily folded in appropriate size. The cost of your box will depend upon the type of box that you need. Therefore, you need to freeze your requirements within few sizes and types. The finish of the box will also affect the costing as there are boxes available with different kinds of finishing.

Depending upon the dimension of your item that you want to ship, you need to decide the size. As regards the type and finish, you need to decide which is suitable for you. You must remember, bigger the size the cost will increase.

  • How many boxes do you need

If you decide to buy the packaging boxes in bulk quantity then you can certainly get more discounts and that will save the cost of each box. Buying only few numbers of boxes may save your total cost for the time being however rate of each box will be much higher. At the same time, you also need to consider the space cost for storing inventory of unused boxes if you are going to consume them immediately. Therefore, you need to make proper balance while ordering.

  • How often you may need to change your box design

If your requirements of boxes are constantly changing then you have to pay more costs too. Therefore, you can make requirements in such a way that you may not go for frequent changes.

  • How much printing work you need

Printing cost increases if you use more numbers of colors to make your packing box more attractive. Price will also depend upon how many letters you want to print on the custom packing box.

  • How soon you need your boxes

Usually any printing work needs considerable amount of time, however if you need them on urgent basis then it comes at a price.