Review – Verified Facts about This Growing Exchange

Since its inception in late 2017, crypto currency exchange has surged in popularity. And judging from its trading platform – accessible to traders in various languages including Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese – this is true.

A exchange review reveals this crypto currency exchange is not only registered under a Virginia address in the U.S., but it’s also unlicensed. Like other centralized crypto exchanges, it employs self-regulation rules. That means, the KYC (or Know Your Customer) verification process is not necessary.

Though, as a trader, you will be required to provide personal data if you wish to withdraw $1,000 or more. digital access exchange offers traders more than 100 crypto currency pairs and crypto currencies to trade on. It also serves the cryptosphere with over 367 markets including, but not limited to:

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • CNYX
  • USDT, etc.

If you are trading crypto currencies on and need instant withdrawals or deposits, you will incur zero fees on all your deposits and withdrawals. And if you’re worried about your crypto currencies security, The review reveals this digital asset exchange employs the use of a secure SSL link and technology to protect your bit coin wallets when offline.

Traders can access website on both mobile (Android) and other operating systems like iOS. For traders on the move, this makes it more comfortable and convenient to access products (analysis tools) and services (margin lending, margin borrowing, and margin trading). score analysis

As a small but equally recognized digital asset exchange, ranks 35th in regards to trading volume. However, it scores poorly on performance and chat support. On the flip side, it comes with an intuitive website that is easier to engage and navigate through.

Traders are also assured of quick customer service albeit for a week into their registration. After a week you are on your own.

A review of revealed that this exchanges support team operates anonymously hence a poor score on support. This is a huge concern to many traders accessing its platform.

Also, the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section bears no search function hence limiting access to key questions and answers.

Another security concern is has once come under attack from hackers. Never mind cryptos are never insured on this crypto currency exchange. Thus the security of your capital is not guaranteed, making it challenging to invest


That this digital asset exchange is unlicensed, has previously come under hackers attack, and crypto currencies are not insured is a clear sign it’s riskier to invest capital in it.

Of concern, according to a recent review, is the score analysis of this trading platform. It falls within the range of 3 and below with usability scoring a 9, performance a mere 3, and support at zero.

Do your due diligence first before risking your capital. Compare with other crypto exchanges to understand their overall security practices, customer support, company’s reputation, among other related features and information. That way your money will be safe, and you’ll have peace of mind.