Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Medical Scrub

Choosing healthcare uniforms such as scrub should be taken seriously. Choosing the appropriate one is challenging with the various kinds and types of scrub designs available. Healthcare professionals need proper scrubs to ensure they are always in the right attire to attend to their clients. So if you are a healthcare professional and need a scrub, here are some things you need to know before shopping for one.

Comfort and Mobility

The most vital thing to consider when choosing a scrub is if it fits you and your movements when wearing it. Most of the time, medical scrubs are worn for an entire shift; you may need to couple them with the PPEs on top, making it more tiresome as the day goes on. Ensure you always go for the scrubs that have a relaxed fit, lighter weight material and stretchable fabric. It simply implies that you must go for fit, stretch and softness.

Maintenance, Care and Durability of the Scrubs

In most cases, you will find that hospital scrubs are very easy to care for, clean and dry at very high temperatures. You can sum this up quickly because they consider the following factors; frequency of washing, washing temperatures, laundry method (domestic or industrial), contamination at work, or the risk of fluid spilling.

The Functionality of the Scrubs

A scrub should allow you to keep what is handy without being cluttered. It is a very important functionality in a scrub’s overall performance. A practical scrub can either make or break a scrub and will enable you to end your day with an appreciation or irritate you all the time you work in your nursing scrub. In mind, you should always look for pockets, necklines and collars.

Material and the Fabric Types

It is important to consider the type of fabric that is in your scrub, and this is because it greatly affects your comfort, its durability and your scrub’s maintenance. Different types of material and their properties affect the scrub you wear. It is vital to consider the properties important for a good scrub fabric: structure, weight, special properties, durability and stretch.

Price of the Scrubs

When working in a medical environment with high spillage or high contamination, your scrub will likely be prone to damage due to frequent washing. Therefore, you should consider the price of your scrub. Factors that determine the amount you will pay for your scrub include; the scrub’s expected lifespan or replacement frequency, your job role, and the working environment.


There are so many brands that produce scrubs, and most of them do not produce quality scrubs. Only some brands produce quality scrubs, so always ensure you buy your scrub from a verified and trusted brand to avoid disappointment. Brands with good reputations and those that have stayed in the industry for a long time always produce trusted scrubs; this will help you get a scrub worth your money.


It is important as a medical practitioner to be in scrubs to help you freely attend to your clients without fearing contamination or spilling. Therefore you need to acquire one to remember to consider the above.