ADSS Broker Review (2023): features, products, fees

Finding a reliable broker can be a difficult but necessary step in your trading journey. Choosing a trustworthy partner will not only keep your funds and transactions secure, but also assist you in making more informed trading decisions. Today, we aim to introduce ADSS (also known as ADS Securities), a broker founded in 2011 that offers direct access to global markets.

ADSS is a leading broker in the MENA region and has expanded its services to serve global clients with success. Based in Abu Dhabi, the broker is also licensed and operates in the UK (the FCA) and Hong Kong (SFC), with many points of contact around the world. As one of the biggest forex brokers in the UAE, ADSS offers a wide range of services for retail, professional, and institutional traders. They also offer partnership programmes for those looking to manage client portfolios and work on behalf of hedge funds.

This is an ADSS trading review updated in 2023. In it, we will discuss the brokers’ features, the products it offers, and the fee structures that they have put in place. If you are interested in opening an account with the broker, read this first to get a feel for and insight into how it operates.

ADSS’ trading platform

One of the most important things a trader must do is make sure a broker has an easy-to-use trading platform with fast and precise execution and smooth navigation. ADSS works with MetaTrader to provide for traders with MT4, on which they can place their orders and execute trades.

Trading on the MT4 platform

The MT4 platform through ADSS is available on desktop and mobile, and traders can trade at their desk or while on the go with the most advanced set-up. As an industry-favourite platform, MT4 comes equipped with research and educational tools available. Traders can also access advanced and customisable charting, with Expert Advisor plug-ins. MT4 is available in multiple languages and traders can download customised trading signals to execute more complex and personalised strategies.

ADSS’ products

ADSS offers a wide range of trading instruments and access to global financial markets. Their products include indices, forex, equities, and commodities. They also provide CFD trading and spread betting across several markets.


ADSS offers global major index CFD trading across continents, including the S&P 500, US 30, US 500, GERMAN 30 (DAX), the UK 100, the Japanese Nikkei 225, the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong, and more. Margins and spreads vary, depending on the index that is traded. Trading hours also vary, as these indices may adhere to local trading times. Traders who are interested in trading index CFDs can do so with an advanced MT4 set-up that allows them to access competitive prices and high liquidity.


ADSS also offers over 60 currency pairs for trading directly or as forex CFDs. They range from major pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD to minor pairs such as AUD/NZD and GBP/JPY. They also offer several exotic currency pairs such as USD/ZAR, and USD/MXN. This is a great way for traders to diversify their portfolios and trade the currency pairs they want to trade. Margins and spreads vary, depending on the currency pair that is being traded. ADSS also provides a swap rates information sheet on their website that they update regularly, alongside their market information sheets.


ADSS offers stock trading via CFDs and spread betting, and traders can participate in the biggest stock exchanges around the world, such as the NASDAQ, the NYSE, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and more. Margins vary based on the instrument traded, as do trading hours which follow local times. ADSS offers trading through the MT4 platform, which has competitive pricing and high liquidity. The broker also offers analysis and research in-house, which traders can access on their website to stay up to date with stock exchanges around the world.


Finally, ADSS offers commodity CFD trading and spread betting on spot commodities, futures, and commodity linked ETFs. The commodities they allow traders to trade include precious metals, base metals, and oil markets per whole tick movement. This is a simple way for traders to get involved with trading and to diversify their investment portfolios. As usual, ADSS offers traders commodities analysis and research on their website for traders to stay up to date with market developments.

ADSS’ fees

ADSS charges variable fees depending on the account type a trader has, the instrument they are trading, and the size of their trade. They therefore upload regular swap rates and margin information on their website, which is updated frequently. Traders can also find more information on their fees, use of leverage, and minimum deposit requirements on their website or through contacting ADSS.

The important thing we want to note here is that the broker is overall very transparent with regards to their fee structure. They do not charge hidden fees, but they are not responsible for third-party fees that traders take on with their personal banking entities and the MT4 platform.

Summary and final words

Overall, ADSS lives up to its title of being the leading broker in the MENA region. The broker has a sizeable product offering and various trading options, ranging from CFDs and spread betting. Traders can also trade currency pairs on the forex market directly. With its partnership with MT4, ADSS offers a simple and effective platform that can be customised to meet each trader’s needs, regardless of trading expertise and experience. We highly recommend ADSS as a broker if you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and efficient trading experience.