A New Era In Personal Finance With Artificial Intelligence

The day is close when artificial intelligence in their field of neural capabilities will simulate our consciousness; this is the ideal time to leverage this ultra-advance technology in multiple platforms. Financial sectors have been the experimenting zone for all these AI technologies that ultimately have led to the automation of various tasks and processes. AI is working wonders regarding financial planning and other nuances of personal finance.

So, financial advisory services nowadays do not only implement the deep level of insights and hypothetical use cases by financial planners and experts. But they are also equipped with a sophisticated toolkit that comprises all these modern-day technologies that allow them to produce accurate results with real-time data. By implementing algorithms and leveraging machine learning techniques, AI can analyse the financial condition of an entity to provide financial solutions aligned with the entity’s goals, risk tolerance and expenses.

AI is critical in catalysing the automation process, from budgeting, saving, investing and other financial tools that take the hassle out of our daily economic activities. AI integrates algorithms that combine all these tedious elements of calculations to provide us with astounding results, sometimes far more meticulous than humans can give. Similarly, count on any liability planning tool online, and it will always satisfy you as AI tools analyse historical data and real-time market trends to generate optimal payment plans and debt consolidation strategies.

In the space of personal finance, AI is helping financial institutions push the boundaries of uncertainties and reach new milestones of innovation and efficiency:

  • With the usage of budgeting and savings apps available for free online, users can now track their expenses, identify cost-cutting areas, set saving goals and monitor their progress daily. For those starting on their journey of mindful spending, these budgeting apps make an incredible difference in their saving and spending habits. This is also a kickstart to their retirement planning journey for those who want to spend wisely and save for long-term investments.
  • AI-powered apps and software can provide an ideal investment platform as they curate investment strategies that align with your long-term financial goals and risk tolerance. In this way, these tools indirectly contribute to efficient liability management because the returns generated through smart investments can fulfil all current and future obligations.
  • Chatbots are the new buzzword in fintech, as many virtual finance management apps are deploying these bots to answer all your queries about personal finance. Even if you look forward to budgeting or debt management guidance, count them in for all the virtual support. They also contribute to the educational purpose of promoting financial literacy by answering questions related to essential economic concepts and trending topics.

Financial inclusion is a necessity for both developing and developed economies, latest technologies like digital wallet, mobile banking and other virtually available fintech solutions have served the purpose well. Institutions like 1 Finance are further pushing boundaries to let  consumers easily discover their respective financial personalities through their patented assessment tool, known as MoneySign. With such a re-imagined approach towards personal finance, we must adapt to these latest technologies for optimised solutions.