4 ways to save for next year’s luxury vacation

Vacations are a way for many people to take a breather from their routine. After all, who would dislike returning to the daily grind all rejuvenated?

To enjoy the luxury of taking a break from your mundane life, budgeting and saving for vacations play an important role. However, budget travelling isn’t your only option when it comes to planning a vacation. Even when prices seem sky-high, budget planning in advance and knowing the best ways to save money for vacations ensure that you’re travelling in luxury.

What should you include in your luxury vacation budget?

The final cost of your vacation depends on your selected options. Your average luxury vacation budget should include elements, namely:

  • Accommodation—hotels or rentals?
  • Choice of transport to and from your destination
  • Number of people
  • Food and entertainment
  • Rentals within the destination
  • Time of visit

Tips to plan and save for your luxury vacation

1. Research, research and more research

One of the most effective ways to save money before and while vacationing is researching thoroughly. Knowing when the off-season is and searching for cheaper flights, destinations and accommodation can help you manage your budget better. Proper research will help you efficiently plan a proper budget to indulge in some relaxing or adventurous activities.

2. Save for those bucket lists

Plan early and save for the must-do activities the traditional way. Another way to save for vacations includes coupons and discounts. Keep an eye out for promotional offers in your inbox and at offline stores for travel-related coupons.

3. Finalise your spending modes to save money on your vacation

Ensure that you are not relying only on your savings account or that one credit card. Use cash to avoid fluctuations in exchange rates. Prepaid charge cards, forex cards and international debit cards are some modes of payment that could reduce your costs.

4. Invest for better returns

If you plan to travel, either often or in the long term, investments can help you become financially ready. You can invest in mutual funds based on the duration of return (so that it syncs with your vacation period) and the risk. Investing in the stock market, debt funds, liquid funds and opting for SIPs could help you earn a considerable return per year, with varying degrees of risk, depending on the investment instrument.

How to invest for your travel plans?

Goal-based investments can significantly help in planning your luxury vacation. It can also help you gain insight into better financial management. When taking investment decisions, it is vital to take into consideration the period within which you want to accumulate wealth, your appetite for risk, and the amount you need to reach your goal.

To take smart investment decisions, it is prudent to reach out to a financial expert who can curate personalised plans based on the above aspects.

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